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Yellowwood Park Civic Hall receives upgrade

Date: 2022-10-21 08:23:42

Yellowwood Park Civic Hall receives upgrade

Ward 64 Councillor Gavin Hegter and Sikhumbuzo Ndaba inspect the upgraded Yellowwood Park Civic Hall.

YELLOWWOOD Park residents in ward 64 will be pleased with the recent upgrades of the Yellowwood Park Civic Hall which serves as a meeting place for the community. The refurbishment includes doorframes, door locks, painting of the walls, replacing of windows, repairing the fence and the building of a new retaining wall. 

Ward 64 Councillor Gavin Hegter said about R3 million had been used to spruce up the hall. “This hall is used for a number of events, some of which help promote social cohesion. Therefore, it needs to be able to accommodate a large
number of community members and be a safe space for the community,” he added. He said it’s been a while since the hall had been renovated. “We also have a growing number of people who want to use it, so it is important to be in a good condition.” Councillor Hegter said the renovations are not complete. “The next phase will include repairing the roof, ceiling, and toilets. 

The intention is to have a space that is user-friendly and safe which is why we have fixed the fence and built retaining walls.” Sikhumbuzo Ndaba, from the Deputy City Manager’s Office for Human Settlements and Engineering Services said
much work has been done through the Community Infrastructure Project Programme.