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Ward Committee Election for Ward 97

Date: 2022-10-07 15:27:36

Ward Committee Election for Ward 97

The public are hereby notified that a ward committee election will take place in Ward 97 on Sunday, 23 October at the Amanzimtoti Civic Centre, Supper Room at 9am -2pm.

Community members need to bring their identity documents to be able to participate in the election and also be a registered voter for that ward (97) as it appears on the IEC ward elections voters roll.
Please find some information below on the process:
• Registration will be from 9am to 10am on election day, so it is critical that community members are at the voting station in time for the registration process.
• Nominations shall be open for 10 but not more than 20 nominees.
• Closure of nominations may be proposed when there are 10 nominations and, if carried, there shall be no voting.
• If nominations exceed 10, then voting through a secret ballot shall take place.
• The composition of a ward committee where possible, should reflect on gender equity (at least five members must be women); geographic representation; representation of people with disability; population diversity and interests; and representation from traditional councils.
• A quorum of at least 100 qualifying community members are present to vote.
• An attendance register must also be completed.
Should be a registered voter and appear on the voters roll of that ward they are nominated into.
• Is nominated by their interest group or by any member of the community to serve on the committee.
• Is not indebted to the Municipality for a period longer than three months, unless he or she can prove that arrangements for the settlement of the account have been made.
• Is not an employee of the Municipality.
• Is not a Community Development Worker (CDW); Community Care Giver (CCG); or appointed by any National; Provincial Government Department or Municipality in any other capacity
• Is not a person of unsound mind who has been declared so by a competent court.
The following portfolios shall be reflected in ward committees:
•Cleansing and Solid Waste
• Electricity; Water and Sanitation
• Entrepreneurship and Small Business