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Updating of electricity prepaid meter made easier and efficient

Date: 2023-07-05 09:04:00

Updating of electricity prepaid meter made easier and efficient

The City’s prepaid electricity customers are encouraged to get their key change token before the November 2024 deadline. To make this process easier, customers can get the key change token from all third-party vending systems.

ETHEKWINI Municipality has made the updating of prepaid electricity meters much easier. All third-party vending systems can now generate key change tokens. This forms part of the City’s process to roll over its prepaid electricity token system to the new STS 6 format. The new key change tokens will ensure that customers who use prepaid
electricity will still be able to purchase tokens after the 24 November 2024 deadline when the current format will no longer be useable. 

Residents don’t only have to get their key change token from Sizakala Centres. These tokens can be obtained when buying electricity from banking apps, supermarkets, and any other electricity prepaid vending systems. During July, customers from the following areas have already started receiving key change tokens: Westville, Chiltern Hills,
Cowies Hill, Atholl Heights, Dawncrest, Dawncliffe, Beverly Hills, Claire Estate, Palmiet, Rouken Glen, Grayleigh, Erin-Go-Bragth, Westville South, Westville North, and Reservoir Hills. Customers from these areas are receiving two sets of key change tokens when purchasing their prepaid electricity. The third token is for recharging electricity.

The two sets of tokens need to be entered into the meter before entering a token for recharging electricity. From 1 August 2023, all customers in eThekwini will begin to receive key change tokens when purchasing prepaid electricity. Customers are urged to ensure that they enter those key change tokens first before entering a token to
recharge or load electricity. Failure to do so will result in customers being unable to purchase prepaid electricity. 

Customers are advised to ensure that they redeem all the tokens they have already previously bought before entering the key change token as they will not be able to use any previous token once they have loaded the key change token.