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Taps are now flowing in oThongathi

Date: 2022-11-02 15:58:00

Taps are now flowing in oThongathi

ETHEKWINI Municipality has kept the promise made to residents of oThongathi that they will have water in their taps before the festive season. Water is already flowing in Hambanathi. The rest of oThongathi will follow in the next few days as restoration of supply is happening in phases. An overjoyed Bathabile Gumede, a resident, said she and her family are grateful to have water restored. “We thank the City for working to restore water supply,” said Gumede. 

Last week eThekwini Mayor Councillor Mxolisi Kaunda informed residents of oThongathi and surrounding areas that the work of reconstructing the oThongathi Water Treatment Plant had been completed. On 27 October the Municipality embarked on the eagerly anticipated stage of recommissioning the plant that has seen residents have water coming out of their taps. Mayor Kaunda said the plant was extensively damaged during the April floods which left it unable to operate.

This resulted in many residents being left without water and relying on water tankers. “We are now going to use the commissioning period between 27 October and 1 November to fill the onsite reservoirs with treated water. This will include testing the quality of water to ensure that they are SANS 241 compliant. Once the reservoirs have been filled,
the reservoir outlets will be opened to distribute potable water to the community via the water reticulation,” said Mayor

Residents are urged to ensure that all their taps are kept closed to avoid flooding when testing of the water mains is being conducted. Mayor Kaunda explained that during the commission period, the Municipality will also focus on dealing with leaks and airlocks in the system to ensure that everyone receives water. He said the Hambanathi Reservoir will be supplied with potable water first, there after followed by these reservoirs; 
• Emona Reservoir
• Metcalf Reservoir
• Belvedere Reservoir
• Tongaat South
• Mamba Ridge-Jan Ross-Burbreeze System

Residents are requested to first boil water to be used for drinking in the first few days after it starts flowing. This is just a precautionary measure since the pipelines were not in use.