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Staff help deliver baby at clinic gate

Date: 2023-02-08 09:56:44

Staff help deliver baby at clinic gate

Thembisa Khanzi has praised the staff from the Savannah Park Clinic who helped deliver her baby at the clinic gate after her water broke en route to visit her mother.

NURSES at the Savannah Park Clinic in Chatsworth stepped in to help a mother deliver her baby at the clinic gate recently. Thembisa Khanzi, 38, was on her way to her mother’s home when she went into labour. Her due date was in
February. “I was in the taxi and didn’t know that I was in labour because I wasn’t expecting the baby to come this month, even though I was in pain,” she said. Little did Khanzi know that her baby boy Sinothile was on his way. 

She delivered him naturally at the clinic gate after delivering her two other children via caesarian section. “I have two other children, a 14-year-old and a nine-year-old. I was shocked when my water broke while in the taxi.” The nurses at the clinic, rushed to assist even though she had not attended the clinic for ante natal care. Clinic Nursing Service Manager Lungile Shozi is proud of her staff who attended to Khanzi and her baby. “On Saturdays, which is the day Thembisa went
into labour, we only have three professional nurses on duty.

We are committed to the pledge we signed when we graduated from nursing college to help all patients,” said Shozi. Khanzi was so impressed with the assistance she received; she detailed her experience on Facebook writing “the nurses at the clinic were kind to me and took excellent care us.” Sinothile, who is 11 days old, is healthy and doing well, his happy mother reported.