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Service delivery rolled out in Pinetown

Date: 2024-06-03 13:45:12

Service delivery rolled out in Pinetown

A team from the Parks Department were hard at work during an operation to expediate service delivery in the western region.

ENHANCING service delivery continues to be the City’s priority. The City’s multi-disciplinary service delivery intervention team, led by ITRUMP-Area Based Management (ABM), continues to conduct operations within the City. This time, the team was in the western sub region of the City which includes areas like Pinetown and surrounds. The team worked to tackle service delivery challenges in a multidisciplinary format.

This programme sees the involvement of various service delivery units within the City. It aims to assist in fast-tracking service delivery challenges. Service delivery issues that were addressed in the region included by-law enforcement, fixing leaking water pipes, removing illegal electricity connections, clearing illegal dumps, grass cutting, and the repairing of streetlights.

Linda Mbonambi, Head of ITRUMP ABM, said the City is accelerating service delivery programmes focused on integrated and multidisciplinary operations. He said these have a direct and immediate impact on the quality of lives of residents in different wards. The City urges residents to report service delivery issues in their areas.will prevail. The public can report illegal dumping on 031 311 8804 or email