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Prominent businesses fined for illegal dumping

Date: 2022-11-08 11:07:24

Prominent businesses fined for illegal dumping

THE City has adopted a zero tolerance stance on illegal dumping. This comes as several businesses have been fined thousands of rands within days of each other for illegally dumping in the City. In the first incident, eThekwini Municipality has slapped a well-known Durban sportswear company with a R5 000 fine for illegal dumping. Simjees Lifestyle and Sportswear are responsible for regular illegal dumping on the corner of Cross and David Webster Street in the central business district. The diligence and hard work of Metro Police paid off when the culprits were caught red handed. 

The company was handed a R5 000 fine, in line with the City’s Nuisances and Behaviour in Public Places By-law. The Bylaw clearly states that dumping waste in such a manner that detracts from the cleanliness of a public place or which causes a nuisance, is prohibited. This by-law applies to the whole area which falls within the eThekwini
Municipal boundaries. In the second incident, Debonairs was fined R5 000 for illegal dumping. Meanwhile, a private
individual was fined R5 000 after he was caught dumping at the Mahatma Gandhi Park in Phoenix. The man was
caught on 7 November brazenly offloading tar into the park.

Metro Police Colonel Marcus Moodly said: “We have adopted a zero-tolerance approach to illegal dumping. It is unthinkable that residents and businesses think that they are above the law to engage in such activities.” The individual was spotted and reported to the Cleansing and Solid Waste (CSW) Unit’s Law Enforcement. Sharen Kistnasamy, CSW’s Education Officer in the north region, said: “We urge residents to become proactive in taking care of the environment. The community needs to report illegal dumping to allow us to work together and create a clean and safe environment for all.” Illegal dumping hampers
the City’s efforts to improve cleanliness in public spaces. 

It also has a devasting impact on the environment. Trash not only clogs up stormwater drains but can be washed into rivers and oceans, which endangers marine life. The public is encouraged to join in the City’s fight against illegal dumping. They can assist by reporting illegal dumping to the CSW Unit on 031 311 8804. Residents and the business sector are encouraged to be champions of change and to stop dumping illegally or face the full might of the law.