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Power outages likely to occur after floods

Date: 2022-05-24 10:45:58

Power outages likely to occur after floods

There are currently numerous electricity outages across the City after the recent floods. This comes as technicians were still working on temporary repairs from damage caused by the April floods.

Residents and business owners are urged to note that most areas throughout the City will experience electricity interruptions for the next few months. This is due to many substations being affected by flooding. Once a substation is flooded, constant faults are experienced after energising. This is as high voltage electricity equipment and muddy water do not mix. The damage is often hidden and comes up months later, even after the supply is restored.  It will take at least twelve months to repair all the damage caused by the floods permanently.

The City is prioritising restoring interrupted electricity supply in all affected areas. However, sudden electricity outages can be expected. The City appeals to communities not to obstruct technicians from doing their work.  Electricity technicians must patrol the networks to identify any safety risks following the devastating storm, before energising.  
Technical staff are sometimes being prevented from performing their duties by angry mobs who bar them entrance to some areas as they try to inspect and restore power supply.