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OThongathi to benefit from four donated water tankers

Date: 2022-05-17 12:12:30

OThongathi to benefit from four donated water tankers

Four water tankers, each with a storage capacity of 18 000 litres, were donated to the City to provide water in oThongathi. The handover of the tankers by the National Lotteries Commission, aided by African Global Networks, took place on 16 May at the Water and Sanitation Department depot in Springfield.

Water and electricity infrastructure in the City was severely damaged during the floods. Following this, the Municipality has been working hand in hand with civil society and non-governmental organisations to aid affected communities. The tankers will be used to provide water in oThongathi which is one of the most affected areas following the recent floods.

The oThongathi Water Treatment Plant was submerged in water, with arrangements to rebuild it at an advanced stage. In the interim, other measures are being implemented to provide water to residents. The National Lotteries Commission donated the four water tankers to aid interventions to provide water in oThongathi. They hope the combined 72 000 litres from the tankers will make a difference. Nobuhle Geveza, Provincial Manager at the National Lotteries Commission said: “We understand and empathise with affected residents during this difficult time. We hope to relay, through the donation, that the National Lotteries Commission is here for people.

Aaron Mfunda from the Water and Sanitation Unit said this act of kindness for community is exemplary. “We urge more businesses and organisations to follow suite and join us in rebuilding the City.” African Global Networks facilitated the handover and was a catalyst in the relationship between the stakeholders involved.