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Municipal grass cutting cycle commences

Date: 2022-09-30 12:12:45

Municipal grass cutting cycle commences

TO PROMOTE a clean and well-maintained City, the Municipality’s Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit has started implementing the first round of the grass cutting programme from 26 September to 28 October in all eThekwini areas.
The grass cutting programme was initiated by the Municipality to clean unmaintained road reserves or verges within eThekwini.

Verge cutting in residential areas is done according to a pre-set schedule. A cycle lasts an average of five weeks and is mainly dependent on conducive weather conditions. This means, if it rains, the grass cutting programme cannot be implemented which prolongs a cycle. Head of the Parks, Recreation and Culture Unit Dr Simphiwe Ndlovu said the Municipality is committed to promoting green living and a green economy. “This programme is crucial in addressing
the degradation of the environmental assets which are severely under pressure,” said Ndlovu.

He said the five-week cycle that has just commenced, is one of eight cycles that will be implemented until July 2023.
“This is one of the Municipality’s strategies to address the dilapidation of the City’s natural resources which has impacted
negatively on the economy, environment and the wellbeing of residents.” Illegally dumped inorganic material, like bottles
and tins are picked up, bagged, and removed to a recognised landfill site before grass cutting can commence. It must be
noted that some of the roads passing through the eThekwini Municipal area are maintained by the Department of Transport.

These include the M4, M7, M13 and M19. The Municipality would like to express appreciation to residents who have gone
the extra mile to maintain their verges as this directly impacts on a clean and well maintained environment. For more on the grass cutting cycle, the public can contact 031 322 4000.