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Midway Crossing Mall to open soon

Date: 2021-09-27 00:46:27

Midway Crossing Mall to open soon

An oversight visit to inspect the readiness of two catalytic projects in the Dumisani Makhaye node was conducted recently. The projects are set to kickstart further investment in the area, significantly changing the local economy of Westrich and having an impact on the broader economy of eThekwini.
The delegation was led by eThekwini Mayor Councillor Mxolisi Kaunda.
Mayor Kaunda travelled along the Go!Durban C3 route from Bridge City to Pinetown before stopping to assess progress made at the Midway Crossing Mall. The mall is expected to open in the next few weeks.
He briefly addressed representatives from the taxi and bus industry who pledged their support of the C3 rapid transport route which is 95 percent complete.
The Midway Crossing Mall development created approximately 800 jobs during the construction phase and is expected to create employment for thousands more in the retail sector. Youth and vulnerable groups accounted for 63 percent of the jobs created in the construction of the mall, while the contractor exceeded their expectations by subcontracting 38 percent of the work to the local community.
Work undertaken by the local community included plant hire, site security, diesel supply, concrete work, asphalting, road marking and signage, stormwater and sewer pipe network construction, supply and installation of service ducts and guardrails, earthworks, and construction of gabions and reno mattresses.
Besides the shopping centre which will have retail stores, banks and eateries as tenants, the development will also include a Sizakala Customer Centre, a library, and eThekwini Transport Authority offices. The Municipal offices are expected to open later in year following vandalism during the July unrest.
Deputy City Manager of Economic Development and Planning Philip Sithole said the development will act as a catalyst for further investment in the area.
“This transport-oriented development is the first of many investment projects in the area. In the future, the City is expecting to see the development of manufacturing hubs, entertainment, and tourist hot spots, and many more investments which will change the face of the area. This will bring numerous employment opportunities to local communities,” he said.
The R800 million investment by Fundmentum is expected to bring in a revenue of R15 million per annum in rates.