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Mayor provides solutions to electricity challenges in KwaNdengezi

Date: 2022-06-28 13:04:45

Mayor provides solutions to electricity challenges in KwaNdengezi

The electricity and water challenges affecting KwaNdengezi will soon come to an end. This comes after eThekwini Mayor Councillor Mxolisi Kaunda announced interventions that will curb constant power outages and water interruptions in the area. He was speaking at a community imbizo recently.

Residents attended the imbizo in their numbers and welcomed the news that electricity will no longer trip during peak hours when they needed it most. 

KwaNdengezi and surrounding areas have been experiencing power cuts almost daily. Power outages are due to a major electricity cable that supplies power to KwaNdengezi being affected, whereas water interruptions were due to infrastructure being washed away during the floods earlier this year. 

Head of the Electricity Unit Maxwell Mthembu said there are two major cables that supply electricity to KwaNdengezi. One of the cables was cut and stolen which caused power supply problems in the area. 

“To ensure a stable supply, we have placed an alternative cable which will assist to curb persistent trip outages,” he said. 

Water issues will also be addressed as temporary pipelines have been placed to provide water. The City is working on a permanent solution to replace all water pipes by the end of July that were damaged by the floods. 

Mayor Kaunda urged community members to partner with the Municipality to safeguard Municipal infrastructure such as electricity cables. 

“The negative impact of cable theft includes the hefty costs of replacement of infrastructure and hiring security, the shutdown of business operations and subsequent loss of income. Cable theft also results in power, communication lines, and transport network outages and leads to negative investor perceptions. We ask those with information to report theft of cable as it cripples service delivery and affects the community,” he said.