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Load shedding to resume in eThekwini in August

Date: 2022-07-25 13:48:17

Load shedding to resume in eThekwini in August

FROM 1 AUGUST 2022, load shedding will resume in eThekwini. A new temporary schedule will be used and is only for load shedding from stage 4 and above, until the network is normalised. Residents are urged to note that the suburb allocation to blocks remains the same.

The new schedule is available on the Municipality’s social media platforms. Most parts of the City were left without electricity supply after electrical equipment was submerged in water during the floods in April and May. Some big companies are still without electricity supply and are busy with repairs on their plants. Large power outages resulted in eThekwini not being able to fully implement load shedding after the floods due to the extensive damage to electricity infrastructure.

This process provided the space for eThekwini to carry out emergency restorations in a bid to restore power to as many customers as possible, on an urgent basis. It has become critical that eThekwini contributes to load shedding to reduce the load on the national grid, while mitigating the risk to the local electrical infrastructure. The City and Eskom are in continuous engagement to assist and avert further risks on the electrical grid. The City encourages residents to continue saving electricity.

Residents are urged to reduce their load especially during peak times. All high consumption appliances such as geysers, stoves, and heaters must be switched off during power outages.

Please click here for the new temporary schedule.