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Load shedding returns

Date: 2024-01-02 14:14:24

Load shedding returns

Eskom has implemented Stage 2 load shedding with effect from 5am after several generating units did not come back online as anticipated.

“With the current intensified maintenance aimed at improving fleet performance, we had a setback of three generating units (2 148MW) not coming back online as anticipated. This, coupled with a loss of six generating units (3 113MW) and projected increase in electricity demand, requires Stage 2 load shedding to be implemented from 5am on Tuesday until 4pm, followed by Stage 3 load shedding until 5 am on Wednesday.

Load shedding returns follows a reprieve over the festive season.

In a statement, Eskom said the pattern of Stage 2 load shedding in the morning and Stage 3 load shedding in the evening will be repeated daily until further notice.  

In addition, the power utility said it will closely monitor the power system and communicate any changes should it be required.    

“Eskom teams are working tirelessly to ensure that 4 921MW of generating capacity is returned to service before the end of the week.” -