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Houses and roads to transform lives

Date: 2022-12-15 10:10:04

Houses and roads to transform lives

Ignatia Sokhela, 56, (left) is one of the beneficiaries of the housing development projects in ward 14, Dassenhoek, with Councillor Mthokozisi Gasa (right). Picture: VUYANI DIMBA

THE life of 56-year-old Ignatia Sokhela from ward 14, Dassenhoek, has completely transformed. She went from being squashed in a two-roomed house with no ablution facilities to enjoying a brand-new and fully serviced house and tarred roads. 

This is thanks to the different service delivery programmes underway in the area. Sokhela is one of the beneficiaries of over 180 houses that have been built since 2015 under Dassenhoek Road and housing projects that are underway. “I feel so blessed and privileged to be given this brand-new residence. I can’t express how grateful I
am. I have been living in a two-roomed house with no ablution facilities ever since I moved to the area. With the recent developments and aid from our local councillor, our lives have changed for the better.

We have received tarred roads, houses and various food parcels,” explained Sokhela. She further encouraged communities to work with, and not against their ward councillors, saying unity can fast-track development within communities. Ward Councillor Mthokozisi Gasa, speaking to City officials on 21 November, mentioned that a R60 million budget has been allocated for the entire project which will be rolled out over the coming years. “Between 2011 and 2015, we embarked on a housing project to meet the needs of people. The number of residents in our community continues to increase, which then calls for the fast tracking of service delivery and ensuring that we meet
the City’s standards and goals,” Councillor Gasa said. 

He said the semi-rural area of Dassenhoek and the entire community has grown over the years, as people from deep rural areas flock to the City to look for employment and better living conditions. The City has therefore prioritised job creation, housing and road projects, while combating crime and service delivery challenges, he said. Councillor Gasa said: “We are not without flaws, but we have ensured we meet our set target. We have been entrusted by people and those that we serve. We wish to see more growth and for us to continue to work hard and reach our targets.”
The housing and road infrastructure project will continue and includes the widening and erecting of sidewalks.