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Gains made in the inner City regeneration

Date: 2024-05-23 09:32:33

Gains made in the inner City regeneration

The City has embarked on the demolition of the China Emporium.

THE inner city regeneration is forging ahead with ambitions to improve service delivery, restore law and order, and establish further partnerships with civil society. This initiative ultimately aims to renew the confidence of business, residents, investors, and tourists alike. The vision is to make Durban Africa‚Äôs leading, most vibrant, liveable, walkable city centre. Numerous successes have been noted thus far with teams committed to restoring confidence in the inner city. 

Cleaning and repairing of infrastructure has improved with officials working on future sustainable projects that will ensure socio-economic benefits. More than 30 problem buildings have been identifiedfor repair and recovery by the Problem Buildings Division. Contractors have been appointed to carry out this work. The demolition of the China Emporium brings the number of demolished buildings to nine in the last five years. In addition, seven hijacked buildings have been returned to the rightful owners following interventions from the court, the Problem Buildings Division, and law enforcement agencies since 2019. In some instances, property owners stepped up to the plate to reclaim their buildings.

The City calls on property owners to work together with the Problem Buildings Division to take advantage of the incentives offered and avoid penalties. The programme strategically offers property owners an opportunity to wrap their problem building, allowing them use of the advertising revenue to settle debts and fund renovations. The enforcement teams have been hard at work with 3 095 fines issued from January to March, 77 criminals arrested, 2 975 summons served, and 2 212 spot fines issued. In addition, 16 404 fines were issued for by-law infringements. Safety and security in the inner city has also been enhanced with the introduction of 300 Urban Improvement Precinct Ambassadors who serve as an integral component of the Inner-City Regeneration Programme. An additional 20 ambassadors have been strategically deployed to oversee the night shift operations along Florida Road, over the next three months.