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Gagasi FM joins City on a clean-up campaign

Date: 2022-12-12 13:54:16

Gagasi FM joins City on a clean-up campaign

THE South Beach precinct was left spotless on 2 December, when KwaZulu-Natal’s popular radio station, Gagasi FM, heeded the call to keep eThekwini clean. On-air personalities and the station’s management joined the City in a clean-up
campaign that was held at the South Beach, in ward 26. 

The clean-up was also joined by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The campaign was part of
the City’s on-going efforts of keeping eThekwini clean and creating awareness around proper waste disposal. The different stakeholders worked together to clean around the Durban harbour and along South Beach. EThekwini Deputy Mayor and Chairperson of the Human Settlement and Infrastructure Committee Councillor Philani Mavundla led the clean-up. The Deputy Mayor explained that clean-up campaigns started in September with the aim of creating awareness on littering and illegal dumping. 

Tons of waste which included general waste, clothing items, plastic, polystyrene food packaging, and beverage bottles was collected on the day. This highlights that some people are still not disposing of litter in the correct manner. Clean-up campaigns are gaining momentum around Durban as more businesses and residents have been lending a hand to assist
in keeping the City clean. Society has a collective responsibility to keep the environment clean in the same manner that they maintain cleanliness in their homes and yards. The ill-conceived notion that littering creates employment for cleaners simply degrades public areas and health. 

The public is encouraged to participate in local clean-up programmes initiated by the City or start their own clean-up campaigns in their areas and involve the City. Another programme that the public can get involved in is the Adopt-A-Spot
programme. The Adopt-A-Spot/Verge Project is an initiative where residents can approach the City to adopt a piece of land owned by the Municipality with the intended purpose of maintaining and beautifying it at no cost to the City. Report illegal dumping on 031 311 8804/36 or email: