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Effect of recent floods on utility bills

Date: 2022-06-01 10:14:22

Effect of recent floods on utility bills

The April and May floods have left some eThekwini residents and businesses without services due to damaged infrastructure. Their utility bills will only reflect consumption or an estimated cost if the meter had not been read or readings for the billing cycle were not submitted. 
Should you experience charges for water and electricity while you did not consume these services, forward your query to or visit a Sizakala Centre to query the account. You will be advised of the issues resulting to any anomaly, if applicable. It is also advised that the current reading of your meter is captured when querying the account so that the account can be corrected accordingly. 
The City also encourages customers to submit their own meter readings. The following link will guide you on the process: On receipt of the meter reading, adjustments will be passed accordingly. 
Customers who are unable to pay their bills should visit the City’s Credit Control Section to make payment arrangements. The Debt Relief Programme has been extended to 30 June 2022. Payment arrangements made until this date will have the added benefit of having the incurred interest on the outstanding account written off. However, terms and conditions will apply. 
Some households and business property have suffered extensive loss to the extent that their property is unhabitable or they are unable to operate their business.

In such cases, customers should notify the Municipality as soon as possible. The City will deploy inspectors to confirm that the property is unhabitable and that no services are being consumed before termination of the account can be done. For Municipal infrastructure that has been damaged, this would also need to be reported so that it can be investigated and verified.