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Driver’s Licence Programme shortlisting underway

Date: 2024-02-12 12:24:38

Driver’s Licence Programme shortlisting underway

The Driver’s Licence Programme is in the final stages as the Mayoral Youth Development Office continues with the shortlisting of applicants. Youth Development Office Manager Nokuthula Hlophe said they received a large number of applications for the 2023/2024 intake. “We are working with our Human Resources (HR) Department for the shortlisting process.

We received a record number of applications this year,” she said. “Currently, we have shortlisted 200 applications. Working with HR, we will continue to ensure a fair and transparent process,” she added. Meanwhile, the Mayoral Youth Development Office has submitted its 2024 programme schedule which aims to provide support for young people throughout the City.

The programmes are as follows:
  • Driver’s Licence Programme targeting 500 young people
  • Back To School Campaign targeting 20 schools
  • Student Relief Fund to assist 500 students
  • Young Women Empowerment Camp
  • Disability home visits
  • Youth in church in the current democracy
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Youth Council Launch
  • Educational Wellness Day 
  • Youth Day commemoration

Hlophe added: “We have structured our programmes to ensure that they support youth empowerment, promotes gender equality, and encourages youth participation. the public will be kept informed of these programmes.”