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Disposing of garden refuse correctly

Date: 2023-05-05 11:53:23

Disposing of garden refuse correctly

The City has noted that residents are not disposing of garden refuse correctly. Blue bags are for garden refuse only.

THE City has noted with concern the improper disposal of garden refuse and urges the public to understand the options available for the disposal of this waste type. Residents can dispose of their garden waste at the nearest Cleansing and Solid Waste (CSW) Unit garden refuse site, where they are permitted to dispose one bakkie load of
garden refuse per week, free of charge as per the waste bylaws. Contractors/business are required to open an account with the unit before utilising designated garden refuse sites for disposal. 

The City also offers a convenient disposal option of blue garden refuse bags, which can be purchased at selected retail outlets, hardware stores and service stations. Alternatively, residents can choose to sign a blue bag contract where CSW will deliver these bags to your property. The cost of blue bags includes the collection of garden waste and disposal thereof. Blue garden bags must be taken out together with black backs on the scheduled collection day. To set up a blue bag service delivery contract, residents can contact CSW Customer Service on 031 311 8804 or email