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Cracking the whip on tuckshops

Date: 2023-11-29 12:03:31

Cracking the whip on tuckshops

To safeguard public health, blitz operations to ensure health and safety compliance at tuckshops, superettes, and supermarkets in the City continue.

THE CITY is urging the public to be vigilant when purchasing food at tuckshops, superettes, and supermarkets. This comes as ongoing blitz visits to these establishments by the City continue. This operation is an extension of an ongoing city-wide campaign focused on ensuring compliance with food and safety standards at all food-related establishments. 

Rose Van Heerden, Head of the City’s Health Unit said over 80 tuckshops across the City have been visited. This
includes visits to Pinetown, the city centre, Verulam, and oThongathi. “In the central business district, fines were issued for various violations including selling expired food, items with the incorrect labeling, and unhygienic
conditions,” explained Van Heerden. 

During the operation, hundreds of food items were condemned and disposed of at a landfill site. “We found shops
selling illegal pesticides. We have removed these items and reported them to the Department of Agriculture to
ensure that proper enforcement is followed,” said Van Heerden. Several shops were repackaging goods without
proper labels before selling it to consumers. This includes illegal face creams. The City urges the public to
report concerns related to the quality and safety of products to the appropriate authorities on 031 311 3555 or via
WhatsApp on 083 560 3974.