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City-wide sewer repairs underway

Date: 2022-08-10 12:43:55

City-wide sewer repairs underway

Contractors are working round the clock across eThekwini to repair sewer pipes that were damaged during the recent floods.

SIGNIFICANT progress has been made to restore sewer pipes in areas where wastewater treatment plants and sanitation infrastructure was severely damaged during the April floods. The damaged infrastructure included broken sewer 
mains, overflowing sewer manholes, blocked sewer lines, and washed away sewer pipes. This resulted in some of the City’s beaches being closed due to the high levels of E-Coli in the water.

Head of the Water and Sanitation Unit Ednick Msweli said the unit is excited about the progress of sewer repairs 
thus far. “We are aware that much more still needs to be done, but we are doing our best to ensure that water and sewer 
related matters are addressed urgently,” he said. He said the damage caused by floods to the sewer and water infrastructure was extensive. “Repairs to most areas are currently underway to ensure that sewer related 
challenges are addressed. 

We are hopeful that these repairs will be completed as contractors are hard at work fast-tracking repairs to major sewer infrastructure,” said Msweli. He said the river water quality has improved in areas as minor infrastructural repairs have been completed, but are still not at acceptable levels in some areas. While some beaches remain closed due to high 
levels of E-Coli, the City is working to provide interim solutions for sewer infrastructure repairs, he added. 

A team of experts is conducting water tests on a regular basis to monitor E-Coli levels to ensure the water is 
of acceptable standards and safe for public use