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City seeks input into service delivery plan

Date: 2024-03-25 09:47:13

City seeks input into service delivery plan

The public is invited to provide their comments on the draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for the 2024/2025 financial year. The draft IDP is a key city strategy that informs and guides all service delivery and development in the region. Public consultations will be taking place together with the Draft Budget.

All planning, budgeting, management and decision-making related to delivering services and development in the municipal area is considered in this important city business plan. 

The IDP considers the challenges facing the city and strategic approach to resolving these as underpinned by City’s Long-Term Development plan and informed by global, national and provincial policies such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the National Development Plan and the Provincial Growth and Development strategy. 
The IDP consists of eight plans that will help the City achieve its vision of becoming Africa’s most caring and livable City.  These plans are all inter-related and include actions to develop and sustain our spatial, natural & built environment; develop a prosperous, diverse economy & create employment; and creating a quality living environment.  The IDP also takes into consideration building a socially cohesive environment, developing the skills of our communities, fostering good governance, ensuring a financially accountable & sustainable city.
Each plan has a set of deliverables which informs the City’s budget and by which the City’s performance is monitored. The formulation of the City’s budget takes the above plans into account to ensure that the City’s strategic objectives are achieved. 
A Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP) is thereafter compiled to monitor the implementation of the various programmes and projects contained within each plan.  The SDBIP provides both financial as well as non-financial performance indicators which are used to monitor and evaluate quarterly and yearly service delivery targets. This document also forms part of the IDP. 
It is a critical opportunity for the public to provide input into the future development of the city and make sure that their community needs are raised. 
The Draft IDP is available on the Municipality’s website Draft IDP 2024_25 19 March 2024.pdf ( Comments can be sent to The closing date for comments is 23 April 2023.