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City clean-ups intensify

Date: 2022-12-12 13:49:29

City clean-ups intensify

THE Municipality’s cleanup campaign targeting the central business district (CBD) is yielding positive results. EThekwini teams continue working hard to keep the CBD clean as well as educating and creating awareness on proper waste management practices.

Appropriate waste management practices include not littering, using street litter bins that are strategically placed around the City, refraining from illegal dumping, and taking out refuse on scheduled collection days. The CBD is cleaned every day, both night and day. The cleaning services include street sweeping, litter picking, high pressure washing, and emptying of street litter bins. The streets in the central business district are spotless in the mornings after being
cleaned the previous night.

The City is requesting all residents and businesses to play their part in maintaining the cleaned areas by following proper
waste management practices. Following these practises will result in a clean City, reduced pollution in the environment and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of human beings and the environment. Individuals and businesses who are found illegally dumping waste in any open spaces will be fined and be responsible for the removal of dumped waste.

The City appeals to the public to assist in curbing the increase of illegal dumping sites by reporting all offenders on 031 311 8804/36 or email Keeping the City clean is a collective responsibility