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Bulk waste disposal made easy

Date: 2024-05-28 12:05:41

Bulk waste disposal made easy

Residents brought in their old and used furniture for recycling purposes.

THE public has taken heed of the Cleansing and Solid Waste Unit’s initiative for bulk waste disposal. This initiative assists residents to dispose of their old and used bulk waste from their households. Bulk waste consists of household furniture, appliances, mattresses, lawn equipment and other similar items that are too large to fit in the waste removal truck. 

The collection of old and used furniture will assist to deal with the challenge of illegal dumping across the City. Many residents dump their bulk items on the curb
and in open spaces instead of transporting it to a dump. Using the City’s social media platforms, residents from Kloof and surrounding areas were invited to bring their bulk waste to the Kloof Sports Ground for disposal. Residents came in their numbers to support the initiative. The drive is ongoing and residents who want to dispose of their bulk waste are urged to keep a close eye on the City’s social media platforms for dates of upcoming drives in their areas. 

The City urges residents to become active participants in preserving and protecting the environment. They can do this by applying the basic principles of waste management: reduce, reuse, and recycle when they dispose of waste. Be responsible today for a better tomorrow.