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A place to call home for KwaMashu orphans

Date: 2022-11-23 10:58:16

A place to call home for KwaMashu orphans

LUSANDA Dlamini and her siblings were overjoyed when they received the keys to their new home in
KwaMashu’s K section from ward 41 Councillor Nhlanhla Sibisi. The handover to the orphaned siblings is part of the City’s R293 housing project. Nine families received houses on the day with more recipients expected to receive the keys to their new homes later this year.

Dlamini said words could not express this wonderful moment for her family. “We cannot believe that this day has finally arrived. We are ecstatic that we now live in a safe home.” She said their previous house was unsafe. “It was scary to live in that house especially when it rained or it was windy.

We never felt safe,” said Dlamini. Councillor Sibisi said he was on a mission to provide residents of ward 41 with proper housing. “It will take time to reach every person in need, so we are asking for patience from those who are still waiting to get houses.” He called on residents to look after their houses once they received them, and not to sell them for short-term benefits. “Residents must understand that it is illegal for the recipient of a government subsidy house to sell the house before they have lived in it for a minimum period of eight years.” Councillor Sibisi said property is an asset for the recipient and for generations to come. “People must be mindful of the future of their children when it comes to property,” he added.